A while back, while still living in Alaska, I was inspired to try my hand at sampling, And working mostly in rock and metal, the obvious thing to sample would be a drum kit, So I got together with a friend, neighbour and former co worker of mine and decided to set his kit up in my living room and just capture it all as is.  He is a punk drummer and his practice space was very raw,  and so there was no real push to tune the drums perfectly, pick a great room or do much else other than capture him on his kit as he likes it.  


This kit is recorded mostly on cheap and budget gear to capture the feeling of an underground band trying to track themselves in their own practice space.  The idea was to be a proof of concept for me to experiment with kit building on.  So with only a few hits on each kit piece I was able to build the initial Logic Sampler instrument,  and continue on to making a working Kontakt and Decent Sampler instrument with some simple UI.  The EXS version has the full kit as well as an instrument for each mic and a Logic patch that made a multi instrument out of the individual mics.  This was my first ever build in Kontakt and Decent Sampler and has been a learning experience.


I agonised over the name of it for a while, Wanting to call it the Concussion Kit for the band he played in at the time, but the band is no longer together, We both lived in a small ski town and I considered Alyeska for the resort in town, But figured despite the word being older than the brand, It made less sense, So I settled on naming it for the Turnagain Arm,  A wonderful and scenic area of Alaska we have to drive through any time we had business in Anchorage,  This kit for me represents the kind of rugged DIY attitude of the area and makes me feel nostalgic for home.