What Is Your Refund Policy?

Due to the irrevocable nature of digital products we cannot offer any refunds, All purchases are final.

How Do I Use Your TCIs?

Our TCIs are made for Trigger 2 by Slate Digital and can be used by loading them up in the built-in browser.

What Is Trigger 2?

Trigger 2 is a software plugin made by Slate Digital which takes incoming transient audio and replaces the transients with samples loaded by the user.

How Do I Use Your Impulse Responses/IRs?

Impulse responses can be used in an IR loader.  You can get a free one like the one offered by STL Tones,  or nicer options that allow for more in-depth workflows like STL Libra.

What Is An Impulse Response/IR?

An Impulse Response is a small sample that captures the EQ curve and frequency length of a speaker,  cabinet or room and is used by loading it into an IR loader made to translate that sample into a virtual guitar cabinet or room reverb.

Do I Need Other Software To Use These Products?

Yes.  TCIs will require Trigger 2 by Steven Slate Drums and Impulse Responses/IRs will require an IR loader such as STL Tone's free NadIR or a paid option like STL Tones Libra.

Are Your Samples/IRs Raw Or Processed?

Both.  We will process before and after creating samples and IRs at times to get the desired sound. However, many will also be raw or be available in both raw and processed forms.